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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Improving range of movement and function in the shoulders, chest and hips

More comfortable shoulders, neck, ribs, chest and spine! And improved relationship to hips and low back. What more can you want?

This week's lesson (9-21 thru 9-27):
(Pictures from Tues. class at 600 S. Center St., Cardio Kickfit Bldg):

If you want to get your shoulders working well and comfortably again, this is a wonderful lesson for you.  It is easy, gentle, and effective. It also opens and lengthens the chest, ribs and spine, and improves the diagonalization of your walking movement. One half of this lesson is done mindfully standing against the wall; another portion is done on the floor and improves neck and hip function.  Please contact me via email or text and come 15 minutes early to your first class.  You can find all the information about classes on the right side bar, including what to bring, times, cost, etc.  I teach the same lesson in all 3 classes so that if you wish to take advantage of a particular lesson 2 or 3 times in one week, you may easily do that.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Feldenkrais for Equestrians Clinic Series

Feldenkrais for Equestrians, a new clinic sequence presented by Rebekka Rhodes and Carole Bucher, GCFP.
The July 26, Pelvic Clock and the Seat, is SOLD OUT.

Our first clinic, Sunday July 26, is a study of the rider's seat and the classic Feldenkrais pelvic clock work. We will explore this unique and powerful image initially on the ground in 3 different ways, and then take our experience and understanding from the unmounted work onto the horse to continue our investigation with our equine partner, with guidance from Rebekka and Carole.

Each of us brings our individual postures, habits, constraints and histories with us onto the backs of our horses. Not only is this hard on the horse, it means that one size does not fit all in terms of technique or teaching.  We each are called to participate in this learning in a more sensitive and self-aware way; to see what it is we do, and then to begin to sense better movement options based on our individual needs. 

Therein lies the true challenge.  To observe and feel, then grasp conceptually, and finally to bring all of this onto the dynamic, living, breathing, moving platform of the horses' back and connect with it fluidly and intelligently. We can only do this if we are fully present in ourselves and deeply connected to our horse. 

This clinic is for serious, dedicated riders who want a true basis for excellent, clear communication with your horse. 

We may offer a second session of this first and foundational clinic, due to the unmet demand, so watch for updates. Contact me for more information (see above right hand corner), or Rebekka Rhodes at

Feldenkrais Method for Actors and Performers

A special Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class at the Reno Buddhist Center with Reno's own Merry War Theatre Group.  

Actors and performers of all kinds (classical Shakespeare, improvisational, you name it) have long used the Feldenkrais Method to assist them in the development of greater internal sensitivity, opening of self (body and nervous system, emotions), reorganization of the body into better, more aligned physical movement, gestural nuance, and the like.  You can google Peter Brook and/or Andrew Dawson for some examples.

It was with great pleasure that I did class with a group of 15 talented and wonderful, spirited actors recently, at the Reno Buddhist Center, the Merry War Theatre Group, a group organized and lead by Chase McKenna (including Alex Slater, Lainey Henderson, Megan Fielder, Regina Powers, Sophie Moeller, Jon Lutz, Cameron M. Shirey, Cassandra Michelle Moore, Chadaeos Clarno, Owen Bryant, Bernadette Garcia).

Feldenkrais means that one can enter the magical realm of going beyond one's habitual movement patterns. Here one finds internal and external changes of many wonderful kinds:  clear, solid connection with one's skeleton, improved aligned, hugely different self awareness and feeling of openness and possibility -- new sensations that can lead to epiphanies, personal breakthroughs, change in one's relationship to self and to the world, and for actors, the critical capacity to neutralize one's own posture and allow the characteristics, movement and feeling of another being to be taken in and adopted authentically, thus presented to the world believably.

Here are a few pictures from our class, during and after. I am sorry I did not take more, but was very involved in the process of teaching and being with my class on my own deep level, an activity from which I derive enormous personal calm, centeredness, and meaningful connection. I went through the long training to become a Feldenkrais teacher because the work provides so many enriching elements to me personally, and helps me to feel infinitely better and more well organized in my body while developing more capacity as a human being.

If you would like more information about classes or private lessons, please contact me via the links in the upper right hand corner of this page, and see the class schedule below those links.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Feldenkrais class on Sat. July 4th.

Hi everyone,
Just to make it clear, I am canceling the July 4th class on Saturday 3 pm at Cardio Kickfit. Tuesday and Thursday classes will occur as normally scheduled.  Hoping you have a safe and fun Independence Day, and I'll see you Saturday the 11th.

Kind regards,

Monday, June 1, 2015

6:00 pm Thursday Feldenkrais Class at the Reno Buddhist Center

Time Change for Thursday Reno Buddhist Center (820 Plumas) Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class: 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm, in perpetuity.

Hi Everyone!
Many people have said they have trouble making the 5:30 pm class because they work till 5 or 5:30. So after polling existing students and numerous others, I have changed the class start time to 6 pm.

If you need to bring a snack, that is fine! I'll also make sure we get started on time so that we end about the same time that we have been ending, i.e., around 7:15.

This is a permanent change.  And please note that because this is a Beginning Feldenkrais class, if you are coming to your first class, please be sure to contact me so that I can send you the class handout and plan on coming 15 minutes early to meet with me privately before class begins.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Feldenkrais class tonight, May 28, at the Reno Buddhist Center

Students and friends, please remember that there is no Saturday Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class at Cardio Kickfit this weekend (formerly Midtown fitness). I will be in Berkeley at an advanced training on Functional Integration with Elizabeth Beringer. 
Thus, if you want to pick up an additional class this week, tonight at the Reno Buddhist Center, 820 Plumas at Taylor streets, Thursday May 28, is your option.  Class starts at 5:30 pm, but I will soon be changing the time to 6:00 pm to accommodate more people who work till 5 or 5:30.  If you are planning on coming tonight for the first time, please contact me and come 15 minutes early.  Bring a blanket, mat or comforter.

The lesson we are doing this week (shown above from Tuesday's class at Cardio Kickfit, 600 S. Center St.) is part of the flexible chest series, by Arlyn Zones.  It is a side-bending, breathing, rib and spine moving hip integrator!!  And yes, that IS a lot, but that is why Feldenkrais works and helps so many people.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

No Saturday May 30th Feldenkrais Class

Please note that on May 30th I will be in Berkeley at an advanced training with Elizabeth Beringer on using the element of surprise in our Feldenkrais work.  This means that my regular Saturday 3 pm Awareness Through Movement class at Cardio Kickfit (formerly Midtown Fitness, 600 S. Center St.) will be canceled on that day, and will resume June 6.

I hope this does not pose any inconvenience, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, May 23rd at 3 pm at 600 S. Center St. in Reno, or on June 6 and beyond.

Thanks! And I hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend this weekend!

Carole Bucher
Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 16 Feldenkrais class at 3 pm will held at the Reno Buddhist Center

Hi everyone,

As a temporary accommodation for new construction, our kind friends at the Reno Buddhist Center will host my 3 pm Awareness Through Movement class in the Hiroma Hall downstairs. It is the same location in which the Thursday 5:30 pm class is held.

Parking will be available for us off the alley to the north end of the parking lot behind the brick apt. building, near the bushes and trees, not the apt building.  There are several small commercial businesses who front on Forest and who don't use their premises on the weekend, thus do not use their parking lot. This is official Buddhist Center overflow parking, so no problem.

If you have any questions or are confused by any of this, please email me.  This is the only reminder I will send about the May 16 change, so please note your calendars.  I will post a reminder on on, and on facebook too.

Thank you and see you Saturday!  Remember, if you are coming to your first class, please contact me and plan to come 15 minutes early.

The SOLD OUT second session of the Feldenkrais workshop on May 17, "Freeing the Neck and Shoulders," will be held as planned at Midtown Fitness, 600 S. Center St.

See everyone soon!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

If you have neck, shoulder, or upper back issues...

This new Reno Feldenkrais workshop will help you find more comfort, better range of movement and efficiency in your cervical spine, shoulders and upper torso, including kyphosis. On Sunday, May 17, at 11:30 am - 2:30 pm; 15 people only. Preregister, prepayment required.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Feldenkrais Method and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Some general information about the methodological 'what and how' of a somatic approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Carole Bucher, BA, GCFP/T, March 7, 2015

The Feldenkrais Method and its derivative methodologies, i.e., the Anat Baniel Method, The Field Center for Children's Integrated Development, Michelle Turner's Movement Lesson, Chava Shelhav's Child Space, Russell and Linda Delman's The Feldenkrais Method for Children and Youth, and others, have a proven track record for dramatically improving a wide range autism spectrum disorder conditions and symptoms. 

To some extent, all ASD symptoms/behaviors/conditions occur because of a child's lack of ability to perceive and differentiate sufficiently, meaning "...create new connections in the brain that would lead to integration of new skills and a healthy process of development -- physical, cognitive, social and emotional" (Anat Baniel).  This lack of healthy development and processing is seen in physical movement delays from early infancy onward.

In these physical and mental realms, a lack of clear self-image means a lack of grounded, connected movement in children, particularly in their ability to organize and initiate movement from the core area of the pelvis and low spine. The perpetuation of this condition exacerbates a child's emotional and physical sense of disconnectedness, impotence and disorganization. 

Feldenkrais lessons have a powerful impact on infants, toddlers, children and adults, as they learn to feel themselves differently, and develop a clearer sense of their skeletal systems, and the support it provides to their bodies from the inside out. They become physically grounded. Their organization, balance and alignment change, a feeling of empowerment takes hold because they feel better, move better and connect with themselves more deeply.  

These results have been well documented in clinical studies and observations on numerous websites, and via thousands of anecdotal testimonies on youtube, with a general premise that the more work, the better, as early as possible.