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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sat 3 pm Feldenkrais class, Jan 17, will be held at Reno Buddhist Center

Hi everyone!

Just a short update to make sure people are aware of this temporary change -- for one week only, on January 17,  my usual 3:00 pm Midtown Fitness Awareness Through Movement class will be held at the Reno Buddhist Center (820 Plumas St. at Taylor) instead. There is a special activity taking place at MTF on this day.

Next week, on January 24, the Saturday 3 pm class will be back at Midtown Fitness as usual.  If you have any questions, please contact me!

Thanks and have a great week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bringing Balance into the New Year

Looking for Balance?

Attribution of photograph unknown.
The Feldenkrais Method lets you find balance deeply, at the level of your skeletal and nervous systems.  It goes far beyond the well-known results of pain relief and improved movement.

Feldenkrais brings vitality, creativity and harmony into our lives in unexpected ways, for people of all ages - from infants to people in their 90s.  What we learn in classes and individual lessons is applicable to all your activities. Greater self-awareness, alignment, balance, feeling and moving well are the elements that bring meaning and joy back into our lives, whatever we do.

Classes have begun for the 2015 schedule.  Please join us and find out what a little more balance in your life can mean for you.  Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Feldenkrais Classes in Reno Begin on Tues. Jan 6, at 10 am:

Happy New Year!!  Reno Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes will resume on Tuesday, Jan 6, not on Saturday Jan 10, as posted earlier. The corrected Holiday schedule is posted in the previous blog.

Thus the first class of 2015 will be held on Tuesday January 6 at Midtown Fitness, 10 am, followed by the resumption of Thursday 5:30 pm at the Reno Buddhist Center, and then the Saturday afternoon class on January 10, at Midtown Fitness at 3 pm.

We will begin a real energetic direction together for the New Year, continuing on our journey toward greater self awareness, health and wellbeing, effective, efficient, and comfortable movement, as we create better internal connections between our brains and our bodies.  These intentions improve our vitality, our feeling of self-worth and our relationship to the world around us. They open our hearts and minds and heal what needs healing.

Meanwhile, have a safe, comfortable, fun and happy New Year!

And please note, if you are on my email list, watch for my New Years message in a few days! It will contain information and Feldy tips you will want to know and use! Or you can sign up for the newsletter on this page.  In any case, I'll see you soon!

Best wishes and love,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Schedule for Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes

Year End ATM Classes - we had a 5th great year of Feldenkrais classes in Reno!

Hi everyone!
I hope this isn't too confusing!  There are 5 schedule updates for Nov-Dec-Jan.

1) There will be no class on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27 at the Reno Buddhist Center (RBC).

2) There will be no class Thurs. Dec. 4 at the Reno Buddhist Center, AND

3) No class Saturday Dec. 6 at Midtown Fitness. I will be in the Bay Area Feldenkrais and Buddhist retreat during this time. (NOTE: The Tues 10 am class at Midtown Fitness will not be affected and will continue as usual.)

4) The last class of 2014 will be held at Midtown Fitness (MTF), Saturday 3 pm on December 20.  

5) Classes will resume on Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 at Midtown Fitness.  The Reno Buddhist Center Thurs 5:30 pm classes will begin January 8, and the Saturday 3 pm class will begin January 10 at Midtown Fitness. All 2015 classes will be at the same times and places as 2014.  Other than holiday idiosyncrasies, no changes.

If you have any questions, please email me at or call me.  I may offer make up classes next week for TG and the following week to replace the Dec. 4th class, so stay in touch.

Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Best wishes,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Free Feldenkrais Class Noon MON. 9-15, OLLI Redfield Campus, South Reno

Want to try an Awareness Through Movement class Noon tomorrow, Rm 223, OLLI Redfield?

Here is your chance!

I am teaching a free Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class at Osher Lifelong Living Institute at the Redfield Campus off Mount Rose Highway, members only.  It is upstairs in Room 223 and everyone is welcome.  There will be demonstrations, lots of information, handouts and a Question/Answer period.

You can come and watch or you can participate in the class. Whatever makes you happy!

So if you've been wondering what a Feldenkrais ATM class is like, or if my teaching schedule of Tues. am, Thurs. pm, or Sat. afternoon hasn't worked for you, here is an opportunity to come and see what you think, first hand!

Bring a mat or a blanket if you want to participate. And don't be late!  Hope to see you there,
Best wishes,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Feldenkrais class 3 pm Sat. Aug. 30 at Midtown Fitness - YES!


Yes indeed, there WILL BE a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class on Saturday, August 30th, during the Labor Day weekend, at Midtown Fitness, 600 S. Center St., in Reno, NV at 3 pm.

Efficient movement, balance, comfort and health are needed more than ever during long weekends!

If you are coming to your first class, bring a blanket or comforter, water, please contact me, and come at least 15 minutes early to meet with me before class. Details are found on the right hand side bar of this blog.

Awareness Through Movement classes are fun, wonderful for your brain and body, and truly help you be more effective in all your daily activities, doing the things you love, living life more fully, optimizing everything you do. The only ongoing Feldenkrais classes in the state of Nevada, since 2009.  Please join us for a class!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

An Alternative to Drugs and Surgery for Pain and Movement Limitations

Avoiding Surgery with the Feldenkrais Method

People around the world do this by learning to use the Feldenkrais method of movement education.  You can learn to relieve your pain, align your skeleton and move in new ways that makes life joyfully livable again.

You don't have to put up with pain.  And if this surprises you, then this is the personally empowering non-surgical, non-drug option you haven't tried yet.

Please contact me for more information about group classes and private lessons.  If you are in pain, you owe it to yourself to explore this simple, affordable and accessible approach to movement improvement.

Note: this photo is believed to be a prototype for an album cover, 'Carcass - Surgical Steel.' Photographer unknown.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Improve bending, rotation, movement of spine, shoulders, hips!

This week's Reno Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class:

Our focus this week is to improve your side-bending in various positions, working on the side flexors, improving your connection to, awareness of and range of movement in your ribs, shoulders, hips and spine. All our movement, of course, done in the mindful, attentive and slow language of Feldenkrais that your nervous system understands.

Sound like a lot?  It is!  And it is important. We use side bending in all of our rotation, for example, turning to look behind us walking or sitting, while driving our car, while riding horses. Rotation is critical in our being comfortable while we sit at our desks, in a movie, even at dinner.
With better side flexion, we can recover and maintain a healthy, powerful pelvis to support our important daily activities and the wonderful things we love to do -- from long, leisurely summer evening walks, to hiking, kayaking, equestrian activities, GOLF, or tennis -- just about everything you do.

If you have questions about Awareness Through Movement® or Functional Integration® or classes and private lessons, please contact me using the form in the upper right hand corner of this blog.  Be sure scroll down the page and watch the youtube video clips about the Feldenkrais Method® on the right side bar if you haven't seen them before.

Classes are held every week in Reno on Tues mornings 10 am, Thurs. evening, 5:30, and Saturday afternoons at 3 pm.  See my schedule on the right side bar for details.  Comfortable, efficient movement is within your reach!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awareness Thru Movement class this Sat. 3 pm ONLY July 5 canceled

Just a reminder that there will be no Saturday 3 pm class at Midtown Fitness on the July 4-5th weekend.  See you next Saturday, July 12. When coming to your first class, contact me and come 15 mins early.  Happy, safe 4th of July!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Better Peripheral Vision Can Prevent Falling

Hi everyone! Here is a re-post of the short peripheral vision exercise from my recent newsletter (that focused on why Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons may improve brain function).

After an injury, surgery or when we are afraid of falling for any reason, people of all ages will begin leaning forward and bending their necks to watch what is in front of them on their path in an effort to avoid anything that might cause them to mis-step and fall. The irony is that the very way we attempt to protect ourselves from falling actually increases the likelihood that we will, by introducing instability into our posture and movement. Here is a solution to work with that will create more skeletal stability and empowerment in your walking.

Improve Peripheral Vision

Instead of looking down to avoid falling, we can practice directing our vision outward toward the horizon and consciously include/expand our peripheral vision to include a greater field. This prevents you from taking the head and neck forward, a movement that ironically predisposes the body to move into a falling position! Thus by bending the neck downward, you are more likely to be create the outcome you are trying to avoid.

This exercise will also assist in relaxing your neck and diminishing tension associated with eye strain or spending too much time in front of the computer. To sign up for my newsletter, come to classes and to find out more about learning to use the Feldenkrais Method to improve all your activities, please contact me directly through the contact form in the upper right hand corner of this web page.

Learn to expand your visual field (consciously using your eyes) while relaxing your neck:

1. Look straight ahead and notice your visual field and what you see comfortably.

2. Turn your head slowly from side to side a few times and notice the range and the quality of the movement.

3. Now allow your visual field to increase so that you have more peripheral vision. Notice that your visual field has expanded and you can see more with less effort.

4. Continue to keep this expanded visual field and turn your head slowly from side to side noticing how this changes the range and ease of the movement.

5. Consciously practice expanding the visual field whenever you feel tension in the neck and eyes.